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Wildcroft Pottery Terms & Conditions

Wildcroft Pottery looks forward to welcoming you for your handbuilding pottery experience, be it a class or course, party or team building workshop. The owner of Wildcroft Pottery, Lucy Hogan, has made every effort to ensure your experience in the studio is safe, educational and most importantly enjoyable for all attending. With this in mind we have to make you aware of our Terms and Conditions of using the studio. Please read the following carefully before booking and feel free to email with any queries you may have.

Contract of Booking

By booking and making payment for a class, course, party or workshop you are acknowledging your understanding and acceptance of our Terms and Conditions thus resulting in a contract between yourselves and Wildcroft Pottery.


Payment is made in full in advance either online for classes and courses or via BACS in the case of individual lessons, parties and team building workshops. Refunds for part of the course can not be offered if you are unable to attend all lessons. However, Lucy will endeavour to offer you space on other courses if available.

Our fees include tuition, clay, glazes and all other decorative materials, equipment, tools and firing of finished pieces as well as refreshments and aprons. For those attending a 5 or 10 week course the fees also include a dust mask for use when sanding fired pieces for their sole use. Sanding will be carried out by Lucy Hogan for all shorter sessions.

Where parties or team building events include food provided by an outside caterer organised on your behalf by Wildcroft Pottery, payment for the food is to be made directly to the caterer. 

Wildcroft Pottery is not responsible for the organisation or payment of external venues for parties or workshops.

Cancellation or Reschedule of Classes or Courses

Cancellations of classes or courses must be made in writing by emailing Lucy  Hogan ( no less than 5 days before the start of the course or class date. The cost less the booking fee (2.1% of the booking fee plus £0.20p per booking) will be refunded.

If you are happy to reschedule, transfers to a different class or course will be subject to availability. You can transfer up to 6 months in advance. A booking can only be transferred once, with further request to transfer being treated as a cancellation. 

If you are unable to make a class due to illness, isolation, or an emergency etc, we will endeavour to find a suitable alternative date for you to make up the time where possible. This will only be offered on one occasion for a class  or one lesson out of a course booking. Unfortunately, we can not refund for the missed class(es) if an alternative can not be found.
If Wildcroft Pottery has to cancel a class or course you will be offered an alternative date or a full refund for the missed dates(s) if the new date(s) do not suit. 

When the participant fails to attend any class without prior notice to Lucy Hogan the fee is non refundable.

Cancellation of Parties or Team Building Workshops

Cancellation of a party or team building workshop must be made in writing by emailing Lucy Hogan ( no less than 14 days before the booking date. The fees less 10% of the total cost will be refunded to cover booking expenses. If cancelled less than 14 days before the booking then the fees less 30% of the total cost will be refunded. These rules are applicable even if the cancellation is due to illness, isolation or an unexpected emergency.

If food has been organised by Wildcroft Pottery with outside caterers on your behalf, then cancellation of the food will be subject to the caterers own cancellation policy. You will be advised of their policy at the time of booking. 

Rescheduling of your party or team building booking will not be charged unless numbers or venue distance change.  A new date will be subject to availability, if unavailable the booking will be treated as a cancellation,
If Wildcroft Pottery has to cancel the booking, an alternative date or a full refund will be provided.

When a participant fails to attend a party or workshop without prior notice to Lucy Hogan the fee is non refundable.



A friend or family member can attend in the participant’s place for a taster session, party or workshop or the entirety of a course at no additional cost. However, they can not attend for part of the course with the original participant attending the remainder of the dates. Name and contact details of the substitute must be provided to Lucy Hogan prior to the date of the session.

Studio Closure

In the unfortunate event that we have to close the studio due to situations beyond our control such as bad weather, force majeure, or Government restrictions due to Covid or other epidemics we are unable to offer refunds, but will attempt to make up classes where possible and provide alternative dates for parties or workshops. Refunds can not be provided.

In such a situation you will be notified by phone by Lucy Hogan.We can not be held liable for any expense you incur as a result of a change or cancellation in class.

Studio Access & Parking

Wildcroft Pottery Studio is located in the garden of Lucy Hogan’s home Wakefield, Wildcroft Wood, Witley, GU8 5RL. The house is located at the end of the cut-de-sac on the left. 

Please DO NOT park outside Wakefield nor any other neighbours' properties. The road is a small cul-de-sac with little space for parking. We recommend parking either on the right hand side of the road as you enter Wildcroft Wood or on the left hand side of Keswick Road as you enter Keswick Road(next road along Gasden Lane from Wildcroft Wood towards Haslemere Road) 

Upon arrival we ask that all attendees gather at the garage door of Wakefield where Lucy will greet you and escort you to the Studio. After all classes, workshops or parties Lucy will escort you through the garden back to the road. PLEASE ARRIVE A FEW MINUTES BEFORE THE START OF THE CLASS SO THAT WE CAN START PROMPTLY. Classes will start on time and we can not wait for late attendees to arrive. Late attendees will not be able to gain access unless they have contacted Lucy on 07711 872290 prior to the class.

Health & Safety

Participants to Wildcroft Pottery studio do so at their own risk, are asked to behave in a courteous manner to all those in the studio and to comply with instructions provided by Lucy Hogan to ensure the highest level of health and safety is maintained wherever possible. Wildcroft Pottery has the right to exclude participants for inappropriate or dangerous behaviour without returning their class or workshop fees. 

Wildcroft Pottery cannot be held responsible for injuries participants sustain to themselves whilst using the studio and equipment. Participants should also be aware of the risks associated with breathing in any particles from the clay or other decorating substances such as glazes and oxides. When sanding fired clay we recommend participants wear a dust mask and stand in the open air. As mentioned above, these masks will be provided for courses with sanding being carried out by Lucy Hogan for all other sessions.

Participants are asked to clear and clean their own work area before the end of each class or workshop, ensuring all tools are returned to the correct place. The final 10 minutes will be dedicated to clearing up.

Smoking is not allowed in the studio or garden around Wildcroft Pottery.

Toilet facilities are provided within the house for the use of all attendees during set break times and before and after classes start.

Equipment & Clay

Only clay provided by Wildcroft Pottery can be used in the studio. Unused clay, equipment, glazes and other decorating solutions can not be removed from the studio. Participants are more than welcome to take unfinished pieces home to work on, however they are not permitted to take additional clay, tools or decorative substances. 

The cost of firing all finished pieces is included in the cost with the exception of unusually large items which occupy a large proportion of the kiln. Cost of firing will be discussed with Lucy Hogan at the time of firing. 

Wildcroft Pottery can not be held responsible for any pieces which break during the firing process or do not look as expected e.g. become misshapen during the firing. The process of firing clay can be subjected to issues, either technical or due to the making or decorating of the piece, the result of which Wildcroft Pottery can not be held responsible.

All clay not being worked on should be wrapped in plastic at all times. Plastic will be provided. Dried up clay and other materials must NOT be put down the sink. The waste from the studio sink is used to water the garden. Dried clay (not mixed with any other material) is recycled and other materials must be disposed in the bin. 

All work should be collected once fired. Any items not collected after 2 months will be disposed of.

Data Protection

Any personal information you provide to Wildcroft Pottery will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Data will be used to process your booking, provide the class(es), parties or workshops as well as provide information about future classes. Please inform Lucy Hogan if you don’t want to receive information about future classes. We take every possible step to hold your data securely in password protected computerised files, however, we can not be held responsible for any leak of your personal data e.g. by data hackers. 


From time to time Wildcroft Pottery will take photos of participants and their creations. These photos may be used for promotional purposes on Wildcroft Pottery’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media and online platforms. If you prefer not to have photos taken for these purposes please inform Lucy Hogan.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with English law and any dispute arising out of or in connection with them shall be settled by the English courts.

January 2022: Wildcroft Pottery

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